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This project is taking too long to implement, but the main idea sounds simple: create an operating system with minimum or no kernel.

About the project

None of the existing operating systems are exo-kernel, but some research on it was done and this area looks interesting to me. I've just started working on this project and so far I have a loader, which loads the initial prompt and switches to CPU to protected mode, allowing to work with memory and have access to BIOS. The loader is written in Assembly language, since it is the only (relativetely) easy way to do so. The loader then passes the control to loader_helper, which loads the "kernel". The "kernel" is not actually a kernel (the main idea is to get rid of one), but just some ordinary program working on user level and having some privileges in terms of hardware access and memory management. The "kernel" is written in C, but none of the standard libraries are connected, since there are no system calls implemented yet. The OS has an user prompt (console), working directly with the video subsytem.

There is still a lot of work to be done.

All the source-files (including basic 16-bit loader) can be downloaded here.

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