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In fall term 2008 I was taking the course of Software Engineering at Carleton University and the team project was to develop client-server game. In our team "insolent minx" Kris Oddy was working on the server side, Temirlan Kumargazhin and I were working on the client side and GUI, and Philip Hill was working on design and documentation.

About the project

The objective of this project is to design and develop elements of a network Monopoly game to add to Dave Arnold’s Gaming Studios product line. We have chosen to design a themed monopoly game based around the legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto called Miyamotopoly. The system uses client-server architecture where each player uses a dedicated handheld device and all the gaming operations are performed by the server.


GUI, as well as client side, was implemented in Java. Since I was working on that part, here are my source code for GUI. The other part (server) will be added soon.


The final documentation can be downloaded here (pdf).

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